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We are People of Action

Our network of Rotarians, friends, neighbors, and community leaders from across North Alabama volunteer their skills and resources to solve issues and address community needs.


As a Rotarian, you have the opportunity to serve your community and make a positive impact through a wide range of service projects and initiatives.


Being a part of Rotary means joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for service and who you can build long-lasting friendships with.


Through Rotary, you can develop and share your leadership skills and take on leadership roles within your club and beyond, making a difference in your community and the world.

Who We Are

Our organization is comprised of both a the Rotary Club of Madison and the Rotary Club of Madison Foundation, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity, dedicated to serving our community and making a positive impact through a range of service projects and initiatives.

What We Do

The Rotary Club of Madison is a community-based service organization committed to improving the lives of those in our local community and beyond.

Our members volunteer their time, skills, and resources to address pressing issues such as access to youth services, hunger, education, and disease prevention. We support local schools, food banks, and non-profit organizations through fundraising events, sponsorships, and grants. Additionally, we actively participate in international projects that aim to improve lives and communities worldwide. Our club is dedicated to serving with purpose, building meaningful relationships, and empowering leaders who make a positive impact.

People of Action still photography shoot of Austrian Rotaractors and Rotary members from various clubs in Vienna. The Austrian members pioneered an intergenerational mentoring program called “Intarconnect,” which involves support and networking. In addition, the group started an initiative to build homes in their Rotary district, although across borders, in Srebenica, Bosnia. The site of the famous massacre is still recovering from the war. These images provide coverage of a video commercial shoot that stages a re-creation of their home building initiative.

Visit Madison Rotary

We invite you to visit the Rotary Club of Madison and experience the power of service firsthand.

Our club is made up of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference in our community and the world. By attending one of our meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, network, and learn more about the ways in which we serve our community. Whether you’re a community leader, a business owner, or someone who simply wants to give back, we welcome you to join us and be a part of the positive change we are making together.

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Let’s serve our community together