How to Post to the Website

This page describes the way I would like posts to be accomplished on the website.  It is unpolished, and will be removed before we go production. Read it, heed it.

Because I know you want to download this doc and print out the instruction, here is a link to the word file: Post Posting.  Otherwise, just do the following:

  1. Go to to log in. (use the previously provided username/password)
  2. On the Left sidebar, select Posts->Add New.
  3. Give your post a title. Think of it as a headline. 2 words is not enough, 25 is too many.
  4. Make sure your editor is in Visual mode by selecting the Visual tab on the top of the editor.
  5. Type up, or paste in your post. Use mostly paragraph tags, and go sparingly on any Heading tags, using them only for topic changes. (Most news articles don’t have them, and these are news articles.)
  6. Add images:
    1. Place your cursor in the story near where you want it to appear, always trying to be at a sentence- or paragraph break.
    2. Select “Add Media” at the top of the editor.
    3. Select an image from the library, or upload a new one, making sure to add a caption to any image where appropriate.
    4. By default, images are inserted on the left and text does not flow around the image. Click on the image and select left, right, or center placement with text wrap, to give the article a more magazine look.
    5. Lather, rinse, repeat, until you images are completed.
  7. If your article is more than a paragraph, go to the end of about the fourth or fifth sentence and insert a “More” tag from the toolbar. This allows only an excerpt to be displayed on the main post page making it easier to scroll articles. It also adds a “read more” button to access the rest of the article.
  8. On the right-hand sidebar, scroll to the bottom and select a Featured Image. Making sure that “Display Featured image” is checked.
  9. Midway up the sidebar, under Categories, uncheck the “Uncategorized” category. No posts should be uncategorized. Then check all categories that are appropriate. Do not add a new category, without a group discussion.
  10. Under Tags, choose, “Choose from the most used tags” and select all that apply. If you feel you need additional tags, go ahead and create them.
  11. At the top of the sidebar, choose “Preview Changes”.
  12. If you see an issue, go back to the editor and revise.
  13. When you are done, if you would like someone to review it before posting (a good idea) under the “Publish” section of the right-hand toolbar, next to status, click “Edit” and select “Pending Review”.
  14. If you would like to back date the post, or release it on a future date, click “edit” next to “Publish immediately” and specify when you want the post dated.
  15. Click “Publish”.