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Honduras 2019: Bob Driggers Joins Dental Team

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    Madison Rotarian Bob Driggers shared his thoughtful comments about having joined our Honduran dental team this year.

    Like most everyone, Bob’s first impression was the intense and far-reaching poverty.  He told me, “The people living in the rural mountain areas for whom we provided care had very little of life comforts and were very appreciative of our dental service rendered to them.”  The dental team provided cleaning, filling, and extraction to 650 students in grades K-8 from six mountain villages.

    Pictured above is Bob, with passport in hand, waiting with Dr. Amy Thompson to depart from Huntsville.  This trip is his first, but her 5th, dental mission to Honduras.  After his return, he said that some of the things he will remember about Honduras are:

    • The children were very appreciative of the clothes, treats, vitamins and toothbrushes provided.
    • Houses had no running water or indoor plumbing.
    • The power grid is poor or nonexistent; even the city power lines looked a jumbled mess.
    • The roads are very poor dirt roads, and are not maintained in the majority of places.
    • There are many trash heaps along roadsides and it is not unusual to encounter livestock on roads.
    • Each town had a local market.
    • Dogs were skin and bones.
    • Geographically the country is mountainous, very pretty and had a hot climate in the valleys and was very windy at altitude in the night.
    • The local Rotarians were very welcoming and accommodating.
    • The aircraft landing into Tegucigalpa was a highlight of the flight  with high winds, steep banks, a short runway and good brakes!!

    Bob, like all of our team that has traveled here over the years, hopes we can continue to support these families in the years to come.

    Bob Driggers with local Hondurans at the dental clinic

    Dr. Dobbs , Dennis Sanders, Dr. Amy Thompson, and Bob Driggers