The Rotary Foundation: Doing Good in the World

Madison Rotarians have always supported The Rotary Foundation (TRF), the charitable arm of Rotary International.

In addition to our financial contributions to TRF, we support our district’s annual Foundation Recognition Dinner.  Our club president, Tim Stone, gave the opening remarks at the 16th annual dinner held earlier this month at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.  Rotarians and spouses enjoyed a wonderful meal (prepared at the hands of our very own master chef, Jake Reed) and speakers updated us on the ongoing work of the TRF.  Our Foundation Chair, Bill Drake, and his wife Jennifer (pictured left above) joined our Past President Gene Pfeiffer (above center), all whom have been long time supporters of TRF.  The keynote message was delivered by the Rotary International President Elect Mark Maloney from Decatur.  Our club and our district are proud to be on the forefront of this global effort to do good in the world.

For more information on TRF and all the awesome things Rotarians are doing, visit the Rotary International Website.  (You might want to jump straight to this Amazing Article because it tells why Rotarians are rocking it all over the world!)

President Tim Stone Welcomes Rotarians to the 16th Annual Foundation Recognition Dinner

Madison Rotarian (and amazing Chef!) Jake Reed Shows off his gift for providing the food. Pretty sure that’s from the Morgan Price Candy Company in Decatur

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