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Cynthia Wins!

    This past Thursday, Cynthia was the lucky winner of our weekly polio fundraiser.

    During our meetings, we pass around a basket to which members contribute a dollar.  One of our guests then pulls a dollar, and the owner of the chosen dollar then draws one card from a deck, hoping to find the joker.  If the joker is not pulled, the card is removed from the deck and the game picks up the next week.  We were down to about 10 cards when Cynthia pulled the coveted joker.  Proceeds go to the Rotary International’s Polio Plus Fund, and next week we will start over with a brand new deck of cards.  The hardest part of this game?  Remembering the last four digits of your dollar’s serial number because that’s how you know when your dollar is pulled!  It’s fun, it’s for Polio, it’s Rotary!

    Cynthia Curtis with the Winning Joker