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2018 International Convention in Toronto

    Madison was well represented at the 2018 Rotary International Conference in Toronto.  Pictured above is Dennis Sanders (l.) with Pat and Roger Cross.  This special event concluded with Decatur Rotarian Mark Maloney accepting the nomination as Rotary International President for 2019-2020.  In his acceptance speech, Mark noted that the reason we travel to the convention is for the chance to live and experience the world of Rotary that is usually out of reach, a connection that is not possible anywhere else.  He said, “At the convention, we can sit next to a total stranger from the other side of the globe and call them by their first name.  And in Rotary, not only can you do that, not only can you make these remarkable connections with such incredible ease — you can use those connections to change the world.”

    Decatur Rotarian Mark Maloney addresses the world’s largest assembly of Rotarians