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Parrots of the Caribbean Takes a Lot of Planning!

    A lot of planning goes into our Parrots of the Caribbean in order to make it the best summer party in town!  We have to order food, hire bands, perform site planning, hire security, print tickets, sell tickets, make raffle baskets, rent the tents, get permits, schedule shifts, manage publicity, decorate, order those cute t-shirts… over margaritas to plan some more…. it’s exhausting!

    Parrots Chair Marc Jacobson shares his vision of the site layout — and turned it into the perfect venue 3 months later!

    We also plan how to recognize and honor our benefactors and sponsors because without them, there would be no party… or vision clinics in Honduras … or donations to Salvation Army and Still Serving Veterans … or Done-in-a-Day community projects … or any of our other numerous service projects.

    We dedicate a large part of our year, and most all of our summer, planning this great event so we can spend the rest of our time providing service to our community.  We can’t do it alone and we invite you to become part of our team.

    Learn more about how you can get involved.