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From Toothbrushes to Dental Chairs: Our Honduras Dental Mission

    In 2008, we took the first small duffel bag full of toothbrushes and dental supplies.

    Through the help of Carolina, we distributed them to school children, most of whom had never seen one before. Funny at first, then a bit more somber, several children initially attempted to brush their hair until we showed them how to brush their teeth.  In the following years, we continued including dental supplies in our duffel bags along with vitamins, clothes, and toys.  Pictured above, the beautiful children of Choluteca show off their new toothbrushes.

    Dr. Amy Thompson prepares to treat the first patient at the new clinic

    Then, in 2014, our own dentist, Dr. Amy Thompson and her dental staff joined our humanitarian mission to setup a rudimentary dental clinic.  Along with the Rotary Club of Choluteca and other local volunteers, we used donated equipment to establish our first international dental project.  During the following week, children traveled from many surrounding communities and waited patiently for their turn to see Dr. Amy.  Since that week in February 2014, we have been proud to include the Dental Clinic on our annual Honduras humanitarian mission.