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What’s the Best Way to Transport Teddy Bears??

    Duffel bags, of course!!  While our primary mission to Honduras may have started with electrical work and EcoStoves, we have since greatly expanded our humanitarian service.

    Since that first trip in 2007, we carry an array of things: stuffed animals, clothes, vitamins, toys, soccer balls, dental supplies, a dentist, reading glasses, and an optometrist.

    How do we transport all of that?  Well, for Drs. Amy Thompson and Michael St. Peter, we buy airline tickets.  For all the rest, we host a packing party and stuff duffel bags until the last little teddy bear is safely stowed.  When we arrive at the Choluteca schools, the children eagerly (but very patiently!) await their turn to receive one of our care packages. (A special thanks to Delta Airlines for allowing us extra cargo space!)

    Pre-Honduras Mission Packing Party (2016)

    School Children Receiving Care Packages (2014)