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The EcoStove Design

    They may start with manure and straw and end with a coffee can, but the EcoStove is improving the lives of families one stove at a time.

    The design is simple, efficient, and sustainable, making this project suitable for the local Honduran craftsmen to build and for our International team to oversee.

    The Completed EcoStove

    The parts list for the stove consists of rebar, adobes, blocks, fire bricks, a chimney pipe, ash, mud, cement, a planchea (cooking surface), and a coffee can used to clean out the ashes.  The adobes, bricks, chimney pipe, and planchea are manufactured locally in Honduras, thus providing labor and wages for the local craftsmen.  The planchea fits into the concrete surface and the tiny gaps along the edges are packed with ash.  This insulates the stove, allowing the wood to burn slower and more efficiently.