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The Kids of Barranquilla

    Much has been written about the overwhelming poverty and great need of the families in Honduras.  During our missions, we have visited the poorest of the poor, most with no end in sight to their hardship.  But, we also experienced the beauty of this country and its people who welcomed us with gratitude and kindness.  And we saw that no matter what their circumstances, kids just want to be kids.

    The teachers and students at the Barranquilla Elementary School not only welcomed us, but performed a great show for us.  We gave them schools supplies, clothes, and small toys in return.  Later outside, two up-and-coming soccer players show off their new soccer balls. (Pictured above back row are Madison Rotarians Craig Brennan, Dennis Sanders, Carla Daily, and Fred Davy.  Far right is Carolina Teracero and daughter Ally.  This was a great day.)