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Change for Change Campaign 2006: End Polio Now

    As part of Rotary International’s global effort to eradicate polio, Madison Rotarians began bringing in their pocket change during a month-long contest to raise money for PolioPlus.

    The idea behind Change for Change (C4C) is simply that pocket change can bring a world of change in polio-endemic countries.  With a single vaccine costing only sixty cents, even a month’s worth of collecting coins can help the fight to End Polio Now.

    We congratulate our first C4C winner, Steve Baum, who brought in $341.65.  Steve was presented a gift basket by Carla Daily, the C4C coordinator, for his terrific donation.  Jeff Jones was a very close 2nd with $336.35.  Donations from our first annual C4C Campaign totaled $2,256.58, all of which will go to Rotary International’s PolioPlus fund.